photo by aimee herring ryan

photo by aimee herring ryan

barri leiner grant

ever since i lost my mom, ellen jane, in 1993, i have believed that grief stories and loss need a better place to live in modern society.

my work as a writer, stylist and collector has made the art of visual storytelling a centerpiece of my life for decades. 

the memory circle was born from a desire to make the grief cycle a shared experience. a place to tell your tale because it reinforces that your loss mattered.  we will explore ways to remember and reflect on the lives of loved ones, but also tap your intuition, dreams and imaginings. 

i have combined my work as a yoga and meditation teacher with my personal mission to heal and help the bereaved.  Our workshops and gatherings are bathed in ways to release what we are holding — while always keeping the spirit and celebration of those lost and loved, alive.