every circle comes together for a reason


the memory circle is A place to gather, remember, and celebrate those we lost and love. a place to share stories and memories where we’ll feel and grow together. a place to sit shoulder to shoulder, to be seen and heard in your grief, whether it has been a day or a decade. born from a desire to make the grief cycle a shared experience, and more open narrative, we will explore ways to remember and reflect on the lives of loved ones, and tap into your intuition, dreams and imaginings. as elizabeth kubler-ross shared, “you must get it out. grief must be witnessed to be healed. grief shared is grief abated. tell your tale, because it reinforces that your loss mattered”. join the circle.

xo, barri leiner grant

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seen and heard

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we are not changing what happened, we are changing the way it lives in us.
— elena brower